Satellite Distribution Installation in Tunbridge Wells

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Satellite TV distribution can be achieved in a few different ways, the most common is over coax cable, these are the same cables the take the aerial signal to your TV set.

We can cable feeds throughout your house to enable viewing in other rooms. Sky boxes come with an RF2 output to enable this function either built in or as an add on port replicator depending on the type on Sky box you have, other satellite boxes will require and extra piece of equipment called a modulator.

The distributed signal over coax cable is generally only standard definition (SD), although you can view the HD channels they won’t be HD quality. If you require the TVs to receive the HD signal then either an HDMI or HDMI over CAT5/6 HD distribution solution is available.

If you are only feeding one extra room then no more additional hardware required, more than that you will require a distribution amplifier or HDMI Splitter depending if you would like SD or HD signal quality, these are available in multiple configurations depending on how many rooms you are feeding. 


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