TV Aerial Distribution Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Wolsey 4 Way DA

DHTech can install additional points throughout your home or business  from a new or existing aerial, the cable can either be run internally or externally, whichever is the neatest and most cost effective option. You may require a distribution amplifier, these are available in multiple configurations depending on how many rooms you are feeding.

Each new point can either be a cable directly to the television or alternatively you can have a wall plate installed.
The distribution amp is usually best installed in the loft, garage or cupboard and the additional feeds are then cabled from this point around the property.


Powered Distribution Amplifier
Distribution Amplifier needs to be installed internally in your home; this can either be in a loft or cupboard but requires a mains power socket. Usual configurations are 4, 8, 12, 16 Way depending on the number of televisions you wish to use.

Passive Splitter
Passive Splitters can be used if you have sufficient incoming signal strength or an amplifier already installed 2,4,6,8 Way distributions.

Masthead Amplifier
The masthead amplifier boosts the signal at the aerial where it is at its strongest, making it much more effective than an amplifier fitted behind the TV. Single or multiple output masthead amplifiers receive their power up the coaxial cable from a small power supply unit (PSU) which is normally located near the TV, so no additional cables are needed as the existing TV feeder can be used. The power supply provides 9-12V DC for the masthead amp.


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