WiFi Networks in Tunbridge Wells

wifirouterYou don’t need to suffer with poor Wi-Fi signal, DHTech can scan your Wi-Fi network and look at the reason for dead spots within your home, these can be down to the position of your Wi-Fi router or signal conflicting with another local Wi-Fi signal, we can look at all the Wi-Fi channels in your local neighbourhood and determine if your are on the right channel.

To improve Wi-Fi there are many option including Network Extenders, Access Points and Power Plug Adapter, DHTech can advise, supply and install the necessary equipment to resolve your Wi-Fi signal issues.


Wi-Fi Security
The Security of your Wi-Fi network is very important, we make sure you have the best encryption available on your router; DHTech can check that you have security enabled and configure the best setting to stop any unauthorised access to your broadband and computers.
Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
Slow Broadband can be the results of many issues, such as missing filters, and faulty cabling, DHTech can test and troubleshoot your system to get the best possible speed, it is always worth checking your broadband providers website for line speed test, this link is for BT phone lines, just enter your telephone number and post code and it will give an indication of what your telephone line is cable of.  BT Line Speed Test

Don’t expect the same speed on a Wi-Fi device as you would get if your computer is directly connected to the router via Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi speed will also depend on the Wi-Fi capabilities of you device. 


DHTech offer a Wi-Fi sacnning service that’s cost effective and will give you a report of how signal can ne improved.


For Wi-Fi  Network issues in Tunbridge Wells, please call us on 07530 139889 or 01892 883213.