CCTV System Installation from DHTech Tunbridge Wells

Digital Home Technology, specialists in CCTV (closed-circuit television), offer surveillance system installation for both businesses and homes throughout Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area.

CCTV systems from the market leader HikVision

IP (Internet protocol) surveillance is a digital and networked version of CCTV. In an IP system, a digital camera records video footage and the resulting content is sent via you home network and/or the internet.

DHTech are a Hikvision Value Added Solutions Partner (VASP) program as an Authorised partner.

IP based systems offer significant benefits over traditional analogue CCTV, including:

  • Improved search capability
  • Greater ease of use
  • Better quality images and no degradation of images over time
  • The ability to record and play simultaneously
  • The ability to compress content for improved storage
  • Video and power are provided over a single network cable
  • HD 1080p to 4K image quality
  • Improved ability for remote viewing and control
  • Greater ease of distribution – an image of a crime suspect, for example, can be immediately distributed via email or saved to a USB stick
  • The ability to connect to email systems so that alerts can be sent automatically

Basic components of a CCTV system

CCTV systems consist of cameras, monitors, and recorders. The cameras chosen should be appropriate to the areas they are going to be used in: weatherproof cameras are available for outdoor conditions and infrared cameras will work in all lighting conditions. Static cameras are usually adequate for household use. In addition, the type of camera sensor affects the quality of the images produced. CMOS cameras are the least expensive, while CCD cameras produce the highest quality images.

Why do you need CCTV?

Homes and businesses could be affected by crime at any time, with thousands experiencing personal and business loss because of crime every day. CCTV is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime. CCTV provides a fantastic visual deterrent (footage can be used to give evidence against anti-social behaviour, theft, vandalism and burglary), saving you money in the long run.

  • CCTV helps to deter thieves
  • View remote locations, including multiple locations at once
  • Safely monitor premises from the comfort or your home or remotely while you’re out
  • CCTV can supply evidence to the police and help secure a prosecution

The Hik-Connect app is designed to work with Hikvision network video recorders (NVRs) and IP cameras that support the Cloud P2P function. It allows you to see what your cameras see remotely. All you need to do is create an account and add your device(s) to it, then you can enjoy real-time video.

Survey and Quotation

We take a considered approach when planning a CCTV installation. We take photos of the location during a survey to give us an insight into the layout of the property and which areas are vulnerable. We can then confidently determine where to place cameras for the best possible coverage. The type of camera and lens are taken into consideration too, ensuring the images produced are clear and sharp.


IP CCTV systems can be connected to your existing network and require connection to your router for remote viewing.


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