Multi-Room Television & Satellite Distribution Systems Installed in Tunbridge Wells

There are several options for having television and satellite services in more than one room, it simply depends on what you want to watch and where!

We will discuss the best option for your budget and take into consideration any existing wiring and equipment you have installed. The information below will outline some of the options available.

Distribution methods:

  • Coax cable (standard definition only)
  • HDMI Matrix via cat6 cable (which supports up to 4K resolutions)
  • Streaming (limited applicability, currently only SkyQ supports it)

We can distribute almost any signal including, for example, delivering Freeview to other rooms from a dish supplying Sky or Freesat. Output from other equipment can also be distributed through your property, including Blu-ray players, AppleTV and even CCTV systems.

HD and 4K signals are best handled by an HDMI Matrix, which enables you to view any receiving equipment such as Sky or Freesat on any TV in any room. Cat6 cable must be installed to distribute the signal.

Aerial and satellite can be distributed over coax cable via a multiswitch, which can handle both satellite and aerial signals, or a distribution amplifier which is just for terrestrial aerial signals.

Freeview: in most cases this is the most cost-effective solution. We can take feeds for a new or existing aerial and feed them through a distribution splitter or amplifier to service as many rooms as required. A digital-enabled television or digital box will be required at each point.

Freesat: There are a couple of options when if come to distributing Freesat. We can either take another feed from the dish, outputs allowing, and connect it directly to your Freesat-enabled TV, or we can install a Freesat box. The second option is to install a modulator and take a feed directly from the output of the Freesat box, and then install a magic eye to control the box remotely. The only down side to this option is that both TVs would only be able to view the same channel at the same time, not different channels.

Sky: Distribution of Sky is much the same as Freesat, either another feed from the dish and an additional Sky box or distribution from the RF2 output on the Sky box itself (the modulator is already built into most Sky boxes). Again the downside is that both TVs will only show the same channel, not different channels.

SkyQ doesn’t require any additional cabling as each additional mini box is streamed via WiFi. A maximum of 3 mini boxes can work with your main SkyQ box.

 DHTech can install additional points throughout your home or business from a new or existing service. Cables can either be run internally or externally, whichever is the neatest and most cost-effective option.


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