Freesat Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Freesat is the subscription-free satellite TV service. Almost every home in the UK can enjoy 150+ channels, brilliant On Demand TV and free HD channels.

DHTech will happily undertake both standard and more difficult dish and equipment installations, or we can take more time to offer a bespoke service by conducting a survey and discussing options before proceeding.

The Freesat signal is received via a satellite dish; a mini 43cm dish is generally all that is needed, and this is the same kind used to receive Sky TV. The cabling from the dish is then plugged in to either a Freesat box or a Freesat enabled TV.

Freesat+ personal video recorder (PVR)

Choose a Freesat+ HD box or a smart Freesat+ HD box with FreeTime and you’ll never miss a thing. You can pause and rewind live TV at the touch of a button and, with up to 1TB of memory, record and store up to 500 hours of your favourite programmes.


FreeTime is a subscription-free service offered by Freesat – free TV via satellite. It too offers the ability to watch and record the regular Freesat channels and access catch-up TV through one seamless electronic programme guide (EPG) that looks both forwards and backwards in time. You’ll need a satellite dish installed (or you can use an existing Sky dish) and the FreeTime PVR.

Freesat vs Freeview

They’re both free TV services, but Freesat is different because it’s broadcast via satellite. This gives good reception across the whole of the UK, and the capacity for many more channels than Freeview.

Freesat includes many of the Freeview favourites, plus five HD channels. Freesat also has catch up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.    

Freesat Boxes

  • The SD (standard definition) box, which is ideal to upgrade an older TV to digital or for use in a second room such as your bedroom
  • The HD (high definition) box gives you the same functions as the SD box but with additional HD channels
  • The PVR (Freesat+) has both SD and HD channels with the ability to record to a hard drive: you can record one channel while viewing another or record two programmes at once
  • Freesat FreeTime boxes have the addition of on-demand and catch up TV services; broadband is required for these services

See also Sky and Freeview.


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