Projector & Screen Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Projector Screen InstallationThe ultimate way to experience Cinema at home is to use a projector, these can produce picture sizes in excess of 300″, the size of the image will depend on the type of projector and the room size, we can advise and give you a good indication of the maximum image size you are likely to achieve.


Projectors can be mounted on a shelf at the back of the room, but the best option is to ceilinging mount them.


Projection screens can be ceiling or wall mounted, these come either as a manual pull down or a motorsied system that you can control via IR remote.





Projector InstallationsLCD Projector

LCD projectors use a miniature optical system to divide concentrated lamplight into primary Reds, Greens and Blues for delivery through three LCD panels. A sophisticated image processing system then analyses the beams on a pixel-by-pixel basis and merges them into the final projected image.


DLP Projector

Originally developed by Texas instruments DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors create an image through a series of many thousands of tiny vibrating mirrors governed by a microchip. The image is projected onto a screen by a lamp inside the mechanism which shines through a colour wheel.