Foreign Satellite Installation in Tunbridge Wells

There are thousands of foreign language channels available to us in Europe. Whether you’re looking for channels from your home country or want to learn a new language there is a solution for you. Satellite channels in Spanish, Italian, Polish, French, German, Arabic, Romanian and many others are available. DHTech can install the equipment necessary for the reception of these channels.

Some channels are encrypted and require a smart card or satellite box from the originating country to view them; there are also many free-to-air channels that are unencrypted and available with the right equipment.

Please contact us to check what channels are available in your desired language. We can then advise on and install the system that’s right for you.

For more information on the channels that are available free-to-air:

There are a few options when it comes to receiving European satellite signals. The size of the dish will depend on which satellite you are pointed at and what channels you want to receive. You can choose a single feed dish for one satellite, a multi-feed dish for receiving signals from multiple satellites, or a motorised system to open up the whole sky.

Satellites such as Hotbird 13 and Astra 19 can use dishes as small as 60cm to receive channels from France, Germany, Spain and many Eastern European countries. Many of the channels available are encrypted and require a smart card to receive them.

Foreign Language Channel Equipment

  • Dish (usually around 60cm)
  • Receiver (satellite box)
  • Dish mount
  • Cabling and connectors

We will survey your location to make sure there are no obstructions (such as trees and buildings) that may impede the signal from the required satellite. We will also check that there is a suitable mounting position for the dish that’s unobtrusive as these dishes are generally slightly larger than the Sky dish you see on most properties.


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